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Lotas' little celebration

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Today my little Lotas turns four months old and I got him a little treat:
A fruity based stick treat for budgies, even though he is a lovebird he loves these snacks!

Here is Lotas munching on his treat

Just posing for my favourite person

Lotas is very delicate when eating his treat, he doesn't spoil and destroy it in 10 minutes like his parents do and he eats everything, not picky at all.
He is such a good boy, he even eats his food/veggies from my hand and is learning to eat fruit with my help too. :)
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Lotas' parents having fun with their new swing I got for Christmas:

Sindel likes to ride the swing, Nico is afraid of it.

My silly girl hanging like a bat, she stood in that position for quite some time!:D
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Your lovebirds are so beautiful, they all look like they are smiling, hehe. Lotas matches his treat stick :giggle: - same colors. Very nice birds.:)
Thank you! There is still one lovebird missing from the pics, my blue masked Penguin. He's not very fond of having his picture taken. Maybe I'll find a way to trick him somehow! ;)
Wow what a yummy treat for your lovebird
Beautiful Love Birds i had a yellow one and he wanted to sit in my pocket all day and when we tried to get him out he wouldn't come out.
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