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LoVey’s ongoing update thread!

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This may sound like an odd dilemma, but here goes lol... LoVey totally adores me and wants in on everything I do. Sooo, here's the issue... when I'm home
she's out of the cage. But getting things done or doing craft projects is impossible because she is all over what ever is in my hands. She also leaps onto me if I move to far from where she is. She's four months old today, so still a baby. Has anyone experienced this and found any solutions? I have things I need to do and things I'd like to do. If it's a matter of doing something "just because," LoVey is my priority. But if I can find a happy medium, it would be great!

Can a bugie be to clingy, or could this be a baby thing? The last thing I want to do is deny her the social and emotional attention she needs
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Oh thank you FaeryBee for all the links to the info and pictures! I just love lerning about budgies and seeing pics of other peoples birds. Until I owned them as a matured adult, I never realized what amazing companions they are. I did have a couple as a very young adult, back when birds were looked upon as ornaments that chirp rather than an interactive friend. The two budgies were in a way to small cage hung from the ceiling so the cats couldn't get to them. One of the cats managed to leap up and killed one of them 😢. That's why my room where LoVey is, is a 100% cat free zone!

I just want to say publicly how much I appreciate this group's adherence to best practices! Not to mention the myriad of articles and links to others. You all tell people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. I follow a lot of budgie group's in which those who point out things that don't follow those best practices are chastised. If I do something that's not in the best interest of LoVey, I want to know! She counts on me to take good care of her, and I'm obsessed with doing so!
Thank you, thank you!!!
I have a budgie who sounds just like yours and it’s an amazing feeling. Then I find a problem 😥 I feel I can’t leave him to go on holiday ……have you thought of this?
Absolutely! I even feel a bit guilty leaving the room for three or four minutes. The second I close the door to the room she starts to flock call me 🥰. My "flock call" back is "I hear you LoVey!" I'm not sure if it would be better for me to make chirping sounds back? FaeryBee, Cody, do you have any thoughts on that? I miss her when I'm at work and always look forward to seeing her when I get home! We had a couple snow storms that necessitated my staying at a coworkers place for two nights. I brought her with me. She even came to work with me. She stayed in the supervisor office and was the bell of the ball! And she did very well with her outing!
I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep calling back all the time. If I am going out, I put Charlie in his cage and tell him bye bye see ya later. He definitely understands what I mean…..I always leave the radio on for him. Maybe give her a piece of Millet as you leave? They are more intelligent than people think……when it’s time for Charlie to go to bed, he starts to say Night Night sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite, put me to bed. Charlie is 3 now so the bond is strong .
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