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Luxie (“LOOX-ee”), F, hatched 9/7/2021
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Luxie has begun talking (well, talking in Human) a tiny bit! She doesn’t say much amidst her lovely budgie chatter, and maybe it’s just a loving parront’s bias, but I’m pretty sure she can say “baby bird.” …I actually call her this the most, and rarely do I call her by her name! She also will sometimes imitate laughter. She beeps both like the kitchen timer and the microwave timer.

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I’ve gotten her an Etsy toy that can spin because she loves toys she can “tug” and see what they do in response. But she sadly doesn’t seem to like it. I’ve played with it in front of her several times, but no luck. I’ve been tucking millet sprigs into the little rotating balls, but as we all know, these birds are very smart and so she picks out the millet and then leaves the toy alone.

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In our training sessions, I have taught her to “give kisses.” She puts her beak up to my nose and makes this clicking sound that is very close to a kiss noise. It’s all kinds of adorable. Again, she is very smart, so she has learned to fly over to me and start giving kisses when she wants millet instead of eating pellets. She also will sometimes bite if I tell her no or if I say “all done” after a certain amount of rewards, as if to say “I’ll decide when I’ve had enough!” It is VERY hard to resist with how cute she is. I admit she has gained a gram since she started doing this 😓 Though it is also true that I’ve had an exceptionally busy few days and she hasn’t gotten to be out and flying as much, so I think that’s also a factor.

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I'm sure you've seen the video by one of the influencers out there, she uses target training to teach her bird how to play with toys, so maybe you can eventually try a variation of that with yours :) It does look easy to dismantle, maybe you can change one or more of the plastic ball thingies with yucca bits, popsicle sticks or other of her favorite things to destroy?
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