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Lyn's Tatting that i have won prizes in the Bundaberg Show Australia

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HI. Everyone I thought I'd share with you all my Tatting that i do this is hand made lace and is now a dying art and use to be done by our Grandmother's. I like doing this work as it is a Challenge and not many people do this work. I think it is beautiful work it is shame that not a lot of people do this lace work called Tatting I thought i'd share one of my most favorite work i have done i got Champion for this one. Please enjoy my Tatting if you wish to see more ill try to post some more later on. I will try to get a closer one after. But in the mean time please enjoy my Tatting please let me know what you think of my work. Hope you can see the lace i have done this by hand and it took me 7 and a half months to do this one i have posted. Id love to hear back. Lyn and Indi.

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I love it! Very beautifully crafted too.:love: That does seem like a lot of work to do, with all those patterns. Congrats on the champion prize! :thumbsup:

I wouldn't mind seeing more beautiful tatting.;)
Hi Lyn wow those are beautiful, you must have worked really hard making them. Congratulations on winning Champion :D
Lyn! Those pieces are exquisite! Karma to you for keeping a dying art Alive!!!
Thank you Ollie for the Karma points. Im glad that everyone loved my tatting. Ill show you the doily next time we are on skype
very well done Lyn!! my grandmother knew how to do these laces but i didn't learn how!! congrats on your 1st prize!! :D
Hi Lyn they are great well done on wining.
I used to do tatting but have not done any for ages.
The counted cross stich has taken over, taking of that i need to start the christmas cards lol:) Once again well done
Thank you for the nice things you all said about my tatting. I'm glad you liked it. Lyn and Indigo
Wow Lyn!! Those are gorgeous!!!
Must take a lot of work to do those?
That's is lovely Lyn :) You are very talented!
They are beautiful! You are very clever, and congratulations on your first prize win! :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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