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Male or female?

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Hi what’s the gender of my budgies? I believe that the green one is a male, but let me know if I’m wrong. And not sure about the white one.
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The purpose of this forum is to promote the BEST PRACTICES in the care of budgies for their optimal Health and Well-Being
Locating an Avian Veterinarian

The white budgie is female. The green budgie is male.
What are your budges' names?

When you have mixed genders, it is very important to do everything necessary to prevent breeding.
Budgies are much healthier and happier when they are never bred.

A Heartfelt Plea to All Members
Tips For Discouraging Breeding
Before You Ever Consider Breeding Your Budgies
Guidance for Breeding Advice Threads
Cage sizes.

The fabric toy you have in the cage is not recommended for use with your birds.
Dangers of Rope, Snuggle Huts, Fabric and Tasseled Toys

I recommend you remove the plastic dowel perches in the cage and replace them with natural wooden perches of varying diameters to help prevent pressure sores.
Pressure Sores
The information in this link will give examples of better options for perches:
Essentials for a Great Cage

Millet should be used as an occasional treat, not a primary food source.

A Healthy Diet for your Budgie
Quality Seed Mix
CuttleBones, Mineral Blocks and Manu Clay Roses
Safe Foods for Budgies
The Truth about GRIT

The plastic wrap surrounding the cage is not safe, if the budgies chew on that, it will cause crop impaction.
Additionally, the bell on the hanging toy looks as if it may be corroding. If so, please replace it for your birds' safety.
I suggest you replace the plastic bag in the bottom of the cage with white paper toweling, white craft paper or packing paper (aka blank newsprint)

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