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Just an Idea, I’m going to try the Breeding in April 2022.
But what mutations can I expect from these two pairings?

— Popcorn, Male: White-based DF Spangle; SF Yellowface Type 1
— Creamix, Female: Ino; Creamino (SF Yellowface Type 1; Albino)

~ I am aware that the Spangle mutation is “incompletely dominant” and has three forms.

Yellowface has 6 different outcomes depending on the Factor and Type/Mutant involved: Single Factor Type/Mutant 1, 2, and Golden Face. Double Factor Type/Mutant 1, 2, and Golden Face. ~ Lots of people seem to disagree about whether it’s a Dominant or Recessive as it’s Complicated. ~

And everyone knows Ino is recessive and sex-linked


I can only guess that a majority of the clutch(es) would end up Single or Double Factor Spangle Yellowface (Of any Factor and Type/Mutant but I guess the most common ones are SF Type 1 and 2.) Split for Ino.
Granted I could be wrong.

Just the idea and what the outcomes would be. But more little Popcorn’s and/or Creamix’s would be amazing as they’re really beautiful 🤩

Creamix and Popcorn respectfully;



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