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Meet Carrington, the Foster Cockatiel

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He’ll be staying with us for a few months.
the breeder that I use was in a bit of a pickle with shipping, so I offered to help give him a temporary home until it’s warm enough for him to head to his forever home (for a breeding career 😉).

He’s very quiet so far and seems quite content to sit and beak grind.

He’ll have a cage all to his own, as it is never ever recommended to keep parrots of different species in the same cage.

Bird Cockatoo Beak Wood Feather

Bird Cockatoo Cockatiel Beak Parrot
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So are you saying that everybody doesn't rearrange their home and life for their birds 😂? And of course I wouldn't dream of spending hundreds of dollars on toys, food, medical care, new cages etc... just don't hook me to a polygraph and repeat that statement haha!
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