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My 3 budgies don't want to be frinds with me

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Hi guys, we got our 3 budgies from a friend, and they don't want to attach with us (they was also not attached with my friend)

We had them for a week now, and every time one of the budgie try to bound with us, they other two will force the first budgie to not trust us.

We have an extra cage where we can train one budgie at the time, but since none of our budgies are trained i can't separate them (without graping them, and i don't want to do that).

Can someone please tell me what to do?
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It takes months to tame a bird, you should not be expecting anything right now and you should not be trying to handle them. For the first 2 weeks at a minimum, the birds just need to settle in to their new home and get comfortable in their new space without feeling threatened or uncomfortable. The best thing you can do right now is just spend time talking softly to them and get them used to your presence, do not make any fast moves or loud noises around them. How many people in your household and do you have other pets? Where do you have the cage?
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Can you post a picture of the birds and their cage? Do you know their genders and ages?

As Cody said - it has been too recent since you've had them for them to trust you yet, but be patient and follow the advice around here and you may eventually get to have a great bond with them!
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What are your budgies' names?
Are they male or female?
How large is the cage in which you are housing them? Length/Width/Height
Where is the cage located?
Are there additional pets in the home?
Do you have small children?

Budgies need a minimum of two weeks to settle into their new home and you should not be trying to touch or tame them at this time. They are often submissive initially because they are terrified.
You can cover the top and three sides of the cage to help them feel more secure. Play music or the TV for them when you are not around during the day.

Taming and Bonding is all about helping your budgies learn to trust you and it takes a great deal of time and patience on your part.
You should never grab your budgies or force them to be touched.
To bond with your budgies, you need to build their trust in you.
They will have to learn over time that you will not hurt them, grab them and try to force them to allow you to hold them.

To build your birds’ trust, sit by their cage and read, talk or sing quietly to them for a period of at least 10-15 minutes, 3 or 4 times day. After about a week, rest your hand on the outside of the cage when you talk to them so they will learn that your hand is safe and will not hurt them.

After a week of resting your hand on the outside of the cage, rest your hand inside the cage when you talk.

Don’t make sudden moves, don’t try to touch them.
Let their get used to the idea that the hand is now in their safe place and not harming them.

After 2 weeks, begin moving your hand slowly toward your bird. If they become agitated, stop moving your hand and just hold very still until they calm down. When they are comfortable with your hand near them, you can offer them a bit of millet or a few seeds.

Always work at your birds’ pace.
Move slowly and talk reassuringly and calmly to their whenever you interact with them.

Bonding means allowing your budgie to choose to be with you.

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Thanks guys, there was some useful informations.

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Green budgie: approximately 14 months old, female, some time wants to show trust, leader of the cage. Name: Kiwi
White budgie: approximately 8 months old, male, Don't want to bound at all, and encouraging others to not bound. Name: Jedi.

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Baby budgie: approximately 5 months old, female, Do realy want to bound, but being forced by jedi to not too. Need fly traning. Name: Mithu.

Banana Saba banana Cooking plantain Matoke Desk
cage is in the living room, but i can move it to much quiter room if you guys think it's good idea. size of cage: 87 x 46,5 x h 70 in cm (centimeter)

We have no other animals in the home.

I have one daughter on 9 months, but the cage is out of here range.

Me and my son is taking care of birds, he is 6 yeras and love animals.

We are new with birtds, so all tips will be helpfull. Thanks alot

Do any one know when i can take the birds outside of the cage? i hate animal in cage.
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If you only had them for a week and a few days, you will have to be patient to gain their trust. Similarly, it is not good to suddenly take them out of the cage, as they can lose trust in you and may not want to interact with you at all. It is better to let them out for a few moments when they are more comfortable and has gained your trust. This can take years or months, so do not expect sudden development. Never force them to touch you, or grab them as they will lose trust in your hand, and become fearful of it. Always make sure you interact with them, as they can get lonely. Talking with them is a good activity.

If you want, you may search for tips and signs of your budgie gaining your trust. Some signs are found in their sleeping position, or how their daily interactions are with you.

I have also read your budgies' descriptions. I can see that Mithu wants to bond and play, as baby budgies are easier to form bonds and trust with. Older budgies are harder to tame, but best to remain patient and see what activities are good and fun for them.

Don't expect sudden development and bonding towards your budgies as you only had them for a month. Give it time, and you will be soon having lots of fun together! Also, interact with them everyday, and talk with them in small voices so that they can know you more and build trust.

Classical music are what budgies enjoy---avoid loud or rock music, as these are stressful. If you are out during the day, make sure that there is at least soft classical music playing. Budgies' instincts are if it's silent, it means there is something bad/predator. They are usually more scared as they are prey animals and are very vulnerable. So make sure to play soft music, so they'll feel safer.

Search for more tips and ask questions!
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