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My adorable Indigo. New Photo's.

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Hi. Everyone!!! I wanted to share some new photo's of Indigo with you all.. Indi loves his photo being taken and he loves to share them with you all. He is so happy and i love him so very much... Anyway please enjoy his photo's..

What's up there Mum..

See my Spots.

Play time on my cage.

I see you Mum i am higher than you.

I just have to catch on some budgie Napping but the bars are not very comfortable.

Look at me.

Just got to have a scratch.

Do i look funny Mum. This is a funny place to put my head.

I caught you mum i see the camera. I have this look in my eye.

Thank you for Stopping by and looking at Indigo's photo's...
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Indi is so adorable. A real charmer. Give him a big hug from me. He also matches your rug beautifully, Lyn. Keep those photos coming.
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