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I understand Avian Vets are not easy to find in your country which makes it that much more important for you to take a very active role in providing the best possible care for your budgies. If you can find an exotic vet that treats small birds or a regular vet that will work with you perhaps in consultation with an Avian Vet you will have a better chance of ensuring they receive the proper diagnosis and treatment needed. Additionally, I suggest you carefully review the information in the Budgie Articles as well as the Stickies at the top of each section of the forum. The more you know and understand about budgies and the best practices for caring for them the better off you will be.


It sounds as though your budgies may have Avian Gastric Yeast but we are not Avian Vets nor can we make diagnosis.

If you are unable to find a vet near you to work with, then please try contacting an on-line Avian Vet for assistance:

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