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My Baby

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Just a few pics of my maltese baby Mini

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AWWWW is it a girl? Her coat is so blonde and silky, she's beautiful! And she looks like a sweetie too. If a boy, I sincerely apologise to his cuteness.
Your fine...Mini is a girl, and she is a sweetheart...thank you...:)
I think she looks like she rules the roost so to speak LOL her coat is beautiful she looks so soft and cuddly as well thank you for the pictures.
She does indeed rule the roost....after ten years, she has everything just the way she want's it...:D

She is soft and cuddly....;)

Thanks Cathy....:)
I am afraid that my Eddie has fallen in love and is packing his little doggy suitcase. He says he is flying to Michigan:D
Tell him that she is an old maid set in her good for him.....:D
Dee...He would break your heart leaving like that....:crying2:...:D

Aww, Mini is such a cutie, thanks for sharing her pics! :D
Thank you my friend....:)
Awww, Mini is ADORABLE!

Isn't it hard to believe she's ten years old already?
Kylie and Autumn turned ten in August and to me they seem like they should still be puppies.

Thanks Deb....yes it is hard to believe ten years have gone still acts like a puppy very often....:)

Yes...Dog's do Rule...;)

Awe my goowdness! She's so cute! I might just have to come cuddle her. :p

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Thank You.....
Come on over....she goes crazy over guest's....even people she has never met....she will snuggle with anyone.....:)
Mini is beautiful. She's a little princess.
Thank you Susan, and yes little princess is appropriate...:)

she is a sweetheart!!!! omg she is so cute!!! :D
Thank you Despina....:)
Oh my gosh, she looks like a fluffy little cloud! :love: She is beyond precious Randy! :)
Thank You Lindsey....:)
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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