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Hi everyone. I'm a new budgie mom. I've had buddy for 2 months now and at first it was like a dream. We were bonding great. Then 2 weeks ago, I he stopped wanting to come out of his cage and the nipping and lunging started. He is molting and so maybe that's why as well, but I'm devastated that he won't let me touch him. 馃挃 I've been patient and done everything to ignore the pain from his nips, but I'm getting frustrated and sad that maybe he doesn't like me. I love him and treat him great. HELP!!

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It sounds like he is going through puberty if he is a young bird, and also they can get grumpy when molting. Many birds do not like to be touched so don't push it during this time because if you do you are likely to damage the bond you have. Are there other birds or pets or children in the house that could have frightened or annoyed him?

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No. It's just us. It happened overnight. We went to bed the night of mother's day happy and when I uncovered him in the morning, I sang his song he likes and put my hand in to pet him, like usual, and he lunged at me ant bit me. I was so startled. I tried again a.d spoke gently but he spent the whole day and until still today just nipping at me and going away from me to his tots. I want mysweetheart back. Boy, don't I sound like a mom of a teenager?! Lol.

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Yes, Buddy is in puberty and the fact that he's molting is exacerbating the situation.
Take a look at the information below:

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