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Two days ago, I found that my budgie is breathing really hard and fast. Its poop look normal and it still eats but its breathing rate really worries me. It used to be a a very healthy budgie, like it would fly around the house and sing but it stopped doing so after it got sick. Its eyes looked really tired and its feathers are puffed up. I used to have a budgie which had the same symptoms but it died two years ago. I really hope the same thing will not happen to this one again. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to help him besides taking him to the vet? Thank you so much!

This the video of my budgie:

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You have been given inaccurate advice by a member without the necessary knowledge and experience to be offering advice at all.
Those posts have now been deleted from this thread.

While your budgie does not seem to be breathing rapidly, it is difficult to tell from the video posted. Is the bird tail-bobbing?
If the tail is moving about 1/2" when the bird breathes then it may have a respiratory infection. That would need to be determined by an Avian Vet or Exotic Pet Veterinarian who has experience dealing with small birds.
Since you indicate the budgie has been sick recently, it is important you contact the vet and let him/her know how the bird is behaving at this time.
Relying on advice from on-line persons is not a good option. When you rely on anyone who has not had training in Avian diagnosis and care, you may be delaying effective treatment.
Avian Vets have special training to determine the cause of symptoms resulting from illness or trauma.
This is important as "regular" vets will often overlook symptoms that are quickly obvious to an Avian Vet.
This can prolong suffering that may be avoidable.
The bird will often require a more intense, prolonged treatment with a poorer chance of full recovery than it would have if you seek prompt professional diagnosis and treatment at the first sign of illness.
If there are no Avian Vets near you, please find an Exotic Pet Veterinarian with experience in dealing with small birds.

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Truly, the very BEST advice anyone can offer you is to take the time to read ALL of the stickies throughout the various Talk Budgie forums as well as the Budgie Articles we have posted.

These are great resources for Talk Budgie members and have a wealth of reliable information which will assist you to learn the best practices in caring for your budgies for their optimal health and well-being.
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