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My budgie is sick and ı can't detect what happened

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Hello everyone. I hope you're having a good day because mine isn't going well. My budgie has been ill for a long time, I don't know if he has a broken wing or a fungal disease or liver disease. I shared a post here before, I got the answer "go to the vet", which is the most logical option, but I can't go to the vet. I am staying in one of the cities where the earthquake was experienced in Turkey and there is no way for me to go to a veterinarian right now.

Mr. Smoke's symptoms:
Unable to fly (was able to fly up to a week ago and symptoms started 2 weeks ago)

Wings down + twitching

Don't eat properl

Don't wanna move

Has diarrhea and green spots in his stool

Tail bobbing

Bump back

Doesn't want to whistle, squiking only

Have white stuff inside the nostrils...

I know it's necessary to go to the vet, but I'll have to try my best at using my own resources. Please help me, here's the Mr. Smoke's video . Thanks...
(I used intestinal antibiotics for 5 days by a recommendation in the forum, it didn't work; I'm giving probiotics now)


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5 days of an antibiotic is not enough to be an effective cure, for instance, Chlamydiosis requires a 45 day treatment, what is the name and strength of the antibiotic you were giving and where did you get it? I wish I could tell you that doing this or that would help but without knowing what is causing the problem the best course of treatment cannot be determined, by that I mean if it is a parasitic or fungal problem an antibiotic is not the correct treatment, you would need an anti fungal med or a drug to treat parasites and you would need to know what parasite to use the most effective treatment. The best we can do is to let you know some general practices that would apply to any bird that is not well for any reason.
Keep him warm, ill birds use a lot of energy to maintain their body temperature
Keep everything very clean and keep the bird in a place where it is quiet and calm
Diet is a big factor, an all seed diet can result in deficiencies that can manifest as illness but do not try to change the diet when the bird is ill.
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The name of the drug is Caremycin, I put 2 lentils in the whole bird drinker and gave this medicine for 5 days. What do you think, should I continue the medication? In the past (before drugs) his droppings were leaves green marks, but now it seems to have lessened. Is it possible to say something based on this information? Thank you very much for your valuable reply, I am very grateful to you <3
I am not familiar with that drug, the problem with putting meds in the water is that you never know if the bird is drinking enough to get enough of the medicated water to be really effective. How did you come to choose that particular drug?
If you can locate a reputable breeder of birds, a wildlife rehab facility or a zoo there may be someone that could help you. Try phoning a vet and see if they can advise you even if you cannot get there.
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Please update on your budgie's status at this time.
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My bird has been diagnosed with coccidiosis, stool colors have turned black.

I started taking an anticoccidial drug called sulfamezatine and their stools improved. But we seem to be having respiratory problems right now, I'll open a new thread about it because I have new findings.

Thanks for all your help <3
Kuşuma koksidiyoz teşhisi kondu, dışkı renkleri siyaha döndü.

Sülfamezatin adlı antikoksidiyal bir ilaç almaya başladım ve dışkıları düzeldi. Ama şu anda solunum sorunu yaşıyor gibiyiz, bununla ilgili yeni bir başlık açacağım çünkü yeni bulgularım var.

Tüm yardımlarınız için teşekkürler <3
Please post in English.
Hello dear friends, I have shared a post about the droppings of my budgie here before, and the stools are now returning to normal.

But I suspect my bird has some respiratory problems: There is something in his nostrils, I dripped salt water on him the other day and dark liquid came out of one of the holes.
Şu anda nefes alırken burun deliklerinde hareket eden şeyler var. Sıvı mı katı mı bilmiyorum.

I gave him 2 antibiotic treatments before for other diseases. (10 days in total). So I don't suspect a respiratory infection

Other sympthoms of Mr. Smoke:
*Drop wings and twitching in his wings
*Cold feet
* Sometimes inballance on his feets
* Stagnation

Here's the Mr. Smoke's nostril video

Please post in English.
Sorry, sometimes I forget about it :3
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