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My Budgie Keeping History

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Hi Every Body :wave1:
I'm from Pakistan and my age is 50. I want to share my budgie keeping history and experience with you. I bought three budgies for my daughter, those were her pets but cleaning their cage and feeding them was my duty. In doing so, their response make me attached to them. In the pictures you can see how free and happy they were.

In March 2014 I had to build an aviary (9.5' L x 7.5' H x 4.5' W) in the backyard and shifted the budgies because my wife complaint about their droppings on children's uniform and towels. I'm the obedient one.:)

At that time I had no knowledge about budgie's colour and variety. Than among my normal budgies the first cinnamon and ino chicks appeared and made me interested in budgie's colour and variety.

I started searching and reading about budgie's colour, variety and genetics. As a layman I found CuteLittleBudgies the most helpful, educational and informative site thanks to Lindsy. Now I'm here to have the guidance of experienced, knowledgeable and helpful people like you.
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What a wonderful setup. They have ample space to fly !

And I am so happy to see that you love your birds so much. They are gorgeous and look extremely healthy and happy.

Welcome to TalkBudgies. And keep posting more pictures. :hug: :budgie::)
Welcome to TB. You have a wonderful story and your birds look very spoilt. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Your budgies are gorgeous and Lindsey (CuteLittleBirdies) is definitely a wonderful mentor. :thumbsup:
I have three budgies from Lindsey's aviary and all three are all exceptional.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and we're happy to have you as part of the Talk Budgies flock. :)
Welcome to the Forum!

Welcome! I loved your pictures. You have a wonderful setup and very beautiful birds. I'm looking forward to reading your future posts.
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