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My Budgies

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Some of you may have seen my post in behavior,.. thought I'd share.. here is
Mozie, Apple, Ollie and Kiwi from Left to Right.

Missing my little budgies, can't wait to get home and check on them. :(

Drew this of them a few weeks back.
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OMG this is amazing! Did you use soft pastels for this? You should sell some of your artwork!
Thank you.. :) This one I did on my iPad with my soft pastel pencils. I am a professional artist for a living, I usually work in oils painting people and animals..but had never done them so tried it out when I got this thing to see how it works.. my website is Mary Sparrow Fine Art Portraits Children, Equine, Pet - Tryon NC if you'd like to see :)
Wow, I'm absolutely blown away by your painting! It's beautiful, you have a great talent.

I had a look around your website and am very impressed with your work, it's amazing. :wow:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! :hug:
Wow, that is incredible!!!

The picture you did of your budgies is amazing!
I love it.

I certainly enjoyed browsing through your website and looking at all the examples of your incredible talent.

Thank you!
Thank you everyone.. I had fun doing them, I want to find some really great references of birds and do some really large scale paintings of them.. so if anyone has any think of me and send them! :rainbow::green plet::sulpher too::albino pf::cockatiel::lovie 1::bml::ylw lovie: :)
Wowww... Really lovely

You really love them a lot.
It's really so good.
Beautiful art of your gorgeous budgies! I like the way that your picture seems glowing and alive. Studies of color and light are some of my favorite things in art. Lemon Drop thinks the pictures are beautiful too and wishes I would do one of her.

Goldenwing (and Lemon Drop) :lutino linnie:
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