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I know this sounds bizarre but I have a large room with free roaming parakeets and reptiles. I also have my Madagascar hissing cockroach roach aquarium in the room. The lid was accident damaged and the roaches stay put but until it was repaired I found the parakeets in the the aquarium eating the smaller bugs. Now that there is a stronger lid on there they are constantly trying to get in. They have an unending supply of seed and fruits and vegetables. There are also three waterfalls in the room. I put some baby mealworms down to see what they would do and they picked through the seed etc to eat them. Is this normal?

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I don't think many people offer their budgies insects but in the wild although they are mainly seed eaters they probably also eat an insect now and then.

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Reptiles carry salmonella in their intestinal tracts and shed the bacteria into their stool. It isn't a good idea to let budgies and reptiles mingle.

In the wild, budgies eat a diet that consists of both plants and insects, making them omnivores in their natural environment.
Budgies eat a wide variety of bugs, including flying insects, ants, and worms. They even eat greenflies, which are a type of aphid.
If your budgies like mealworms, it's fine for you to give them to the birds. Mealworms are perfectly safe for budgies to consume.

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