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I can't believe I've had my two new rats for 2 weeks tomorrow! time goes so fast! they are settling into their new home great and are very happy boys..

here are a few pics of my two new boys Wilbur & Winston & my other two rats Pipa and Snuffles

Pipa loves to hide in her sputnik!

winston's favourite spot to sleep

Winston also likes to get in my pajamas pocket!

The twins! Winston (left) and Wilbur (right) enjoying some baby food

Wilbur tries very hard to pull the entire thing of baby food into the cage

his using all his strength :p

another one of sleepy winston

Snuffles having some baby food

:) Snuffles & Pipa share a cage and usually live with my boyfriend but his away right now so they are with me.. so winston and wilbur have their own cage :) Snuffles is a boy but he is desexed and Pipa is female.
Winston and Wilbur are both boys so they are not aloud to meet pipa as they could get her pregnant very easily :rolleyes: But snuffles has played with both boys and the 3 of them get along great :)
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