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My sister is softening!

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Michelle, my sister who I live with has Down Syndrome. She does not like birds on her - just one of those people. She loves to watch the budgies and paddy in their cages but is freaked out and scared of any bird on or near her. She only ever let Frankie my first budgie sit on her once and it did not end very well (he was fine afterwards, don't worry).

Anyhow she has patted paddy once a few weeks ago which was huge. We went into her room before bed last night and she let him come in - that alone is huge. She let him play on her bed and as he was hiding in the doona she reached out to pat him! I nearly died. I said "Sisi, do you want him to sit on you?" thinking she'd say "noooooooooooooooooo way". Anyhow see below. Paddy will go to anyone and loves people in general. I'm so glad as I need him to be like this as I go overseas for holidays most years for 2 months and would hate him to be bonded to me only. I'm his flock leader or whatever but I'm so glad he will go to others.

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Oh Madonna how wonderful for you and your sister. Maybe Paddy will be your sisters friend now and bond with her... You must be so excited Madonna. What a good boy Paddy is. You can send Paddy down here anytime Indi and I will bird watch him when you go away..
Thanks so much, Lyn. Yes, I'm thrilled. I'm sure Indi and Paddy would have fun together :) And Paddy seems a lot like Indi in that he'll go to anybody and is a real "people" bird :)
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Adorable pictures :)
Thank you :)

I think your sister realised that birds can be great friends! :) How exciting this can be? :) Adorable photos, by the way!
Thanks Despina. I am so glad she loves Paddy. It will be such great company for her, as the budgies are also.

Those pictures say it all, I'm so happy that your sister loves Paddy so much and feels so comfortable with him perched on her. It's truly heart warming! :)

It really is great that your boy is so friendly towards other people too, my Khaleesi is only bonded to me and doesn't feel safe (flies to me and hides under my chin) when there are other people on the same room he is in during out of cage time.
Thanks Ana, it's quite special. Aww, Khaleesi just wants his mum, what a sweet boy.

Oh Madonna, that's wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!:)
Thank you Diane, I appreciate your comment :)
That's so adorable! Maybe your sister and Paddy become great friends!:)
Thanks, it's so great for her to experience this.

I'm so glad Michelle is beginning to enjoy Paddington up close as well as from afar.
It will be a great experience for her and how wonderful that Paddington is a people bird and so cooperative! :hug:
Yes, Deb. I'm so glad she is allowing him to be closer to her.

Wonderful Madonna, thank you for sharing the story and pictures with us...:)
Thanks Randy. Glad you enjoyed the photos.
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This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing for all of you..especially Paddy and your sister. I hope that their friendship grows stronger!!
Thanks. It was very touching actually especially knowing her fear of birds on her.
What a wonderful experience for your sister! She looks quite happy in those photos, they're so amazing. Paddy is a darling little boy for sure, it's lovely he could convince your sister to be with him.
I'm so happy for you ;)
Thanks very much. Yes, I guess he did convince her!

that's wonderful :clap:
Thanks :)
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this is precious :) they both look so happy! maybe it's the start of a new found friendship!
Yes, thanks Jill. She really loves him and has let him sit on her again and just keeps saying "I want to pat him" - I understand what she means coz he's like a puppy!

Thank you, it is pretty cute :)
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