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My budgie’s name is Chim Chim. He is my sweet little companion, full of mischief and fun. He loves spending his time outside his cage with his toys. The last few days I noticed that his dropping was more watery with green poop in it. And today, he threw up 4 times in the day. And he has been sleeping all day long, hasn’t eaten anything and his poop is plain white and watery. He is a male blue colour budgie and his blue cere is changing colour to a dark colour which doesn’t look right to me. I have consulted an avian vet who has prescribed some medication and suspects gastric issues. The vet said the cere change could be hormonal but I have read about testicular tumour. Chim Chim has issues with his right leg too. It seems to be weaker than his left leg and every few months, the knee bend on the right leg gets inflamed. My vet had prescribed medication for this and It seemed to have helped.
Today, I was very worried to see my little baby on the bottom corner of his cage and I am praying so hard for him to recover from whatever this is. It’s 12am (midnight) now and I’m constantly monitoring him. He is sleeping in his cage, in my room next to me. Please pray that my baby recovers soon.

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How is Chim Chim doing now?

His cere does look as though he may have testicular cancer which could also be causing problems with his leg. :(
Have you considered getting a second opinion from another Avian Veterinarian?

Prayers, love and healing energy are being sent for your little Chim Chim.

How long have you had him?
That cage is not big enough nor does it have the proper type perches and other necessities.
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