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Hello, my name is Emma. I am the owner of two young cockatiels. I've owned them for about 4 moths.
Lately I find myself very concerned regarding my two cockatiels. I want to form a bond with my birds, but as you can figure, since there are two of them, they like to spend time with each other, so I find bonding to be quiet difficult. I love my birds to the end of the world and back, but I find myself quiet confused on what to do.
My dad have also been telling me that I should just give one of them away.
But I know I can't just separate them. I want the best for them.
I want to have a relationship with my pet, and be able to play with it outside its cage. But since their are two of them, taming them are gonna be more difficult. As I said, I don't want to separate them so that I can bond with them. So I find myself with the only solution of giving them away. I really pains me to think about it. But even so, I want the best for my birds.

Since I'm a new bird owner, I wanted to get some opinions from experienced bird owners.
Am i making the right choice?
Im truly gonna miss Them, but i want Them to be happy.

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You could also accept the way they are currently behaving, and slowly and daily just be as nice as you can be to your birds so they can get used to you more and form a better opinion of you. Yes, when there are 2 of them together, they do bond with each other. Actually, that is normal and best for the birds. You still have the chance to be their human buddy, but it may take time.

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:001_tongue:Hi! :welcome: to Talk Budgies

You do realize this is a budgie forum - not a cockatiel forum, correct? :001_tongue:

Taming and Bonding with two birds is definitely possible but it will take more time and effort than working with just one.
Since the two cockatiels have already been together for four months, I would think carefully before separating them.
It is natural for them to prefer spending time with one another - they are flock-mates.
Separating the cockatiels just for your own interest in interacting with more closely with them seems rather selfish to me.

Take a look at the Taming and Bonding threads regarding positive reinforcement training as well as the one about clicker training. I believe working with both birds doing clicker training would give you the satisfaction you are seeking.

The information in the next link will give you an indication of the progress one of our members has made with multiple budgies in just the course of one year's time.

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