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Nail Trimming

Most budgies will not require their nails be trimmed if they are provided with a variety of natural wood perches with differing diameters.

(Natural wood perches are not referring to dowel wood perches that normally come with cages.)

Additionally, having a pedi-perch, and possibly a calcium mineral perch in the cage is helpful in keeping the nails a good length.

See the link below for suggestions of good perches for your budgie's cage:

Essentials to a Great Cage

If your budgie's nails do become too long, it is best to have an experienced Avian Vet, vet tech or breeder demonstrate the proper method for trimming the nails.

Trimming is done most easily when one person gently holds the budgie wrapped in a soft cloth and the other does the nail trim with scissor-styled clippers

Human nail clippers may actually crush the birds' nail, sending pain up the birds' toes and sometimes creating splits/cracks.

An alternative is to use a light-grit emery board and simply smooth the nail carefully ensuring you stroke across the nail in one direction only so as not to cause splits and cracks.

It is critical to ensure you do not cut the nails too short.
There is a blood vessel that runs through the nail which can be easily seen in budgies with pink toenails but not so easily seen in those with dark nails.
Cutting the blood vessel is not only painful for the budgie, any bleeding must be stopped immediately using styptic powder, corn starch or flour to help clot the wound.
You should have always have one or more of these items available in your Birdie First Aid Kit

Birdie First Aid Kit
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