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Need a Little help

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I just bought these two beautiful budgies from the pet store some days ago. The guy that was there wasn’t sure about their genders, and I don’t care that much anyway, I just took them because they were the ones that came so fast in front of the display when I got there and I loved their colors!
I want to know their genders so I can give them proper names.
Thank you in advance,
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You have two beautiful ladies there, the bell I see in the cage looks like it has some rust on it, that is hazardous to them, please replace any rusty or corroded metal items in the cage. Here is some info about setting up a cage Essentials to a Great Cage
Your girls are adorable! It's great that you've got two girls so you don't have to worry about accidental breeding. Do they have names yet?
Great! Thank you guys for your answers.

Yes, the yellow one is Nafiri and the blue one is Namor!

Yes, they are indeed adorable, they play and sing the whole day, haha.
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