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New budgie baby! Not sure about gender

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I went toy shopping for my adopted budgie and fell in love with a baby budgie I found at the pet store. Oops! :ROFLMAO:

At first I thought it was a female because of all the white around the nostrils, but I鈥榤 not sure.

Would love help identifying this baby鈥檚 gender. Thank you!! 馃檹

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What an adorable little bird!

The cere does look quite bluish but to me i believe she will turn out to be female. The flatness around the nostrils with the matte whitish blue appearance is what's giving me this impression. Could you post updated photos in one or two weeks?
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Personally I think Darcy suits her well!! Is her cere getting more pale around the nostrils or is it staying more blue?
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Darcy is absolutely beautiful! And yes, she is female. Those updated photos were indeed perfect ;)
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts