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New budgie baby! Not sure about gender

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I went toy shopping for my adopted budgie and fell in love with a baby budgie I found at the pet store. Oops! :ROFLMAO:

At first I thought it was a female because of all the white around the nostrils, but I鈥榤 not sure.

Would love help identifying this baby鈥檚 gender. Thank you!! 馃檹

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the baby is properly quarantined now. 馃挄

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Looks good, how does she like it? Now that I can see the bird's full body it appears the wings are clipped so she will not be able to fly for months, until the clipped feathers molt out and regrow. Be careful with that carboard tube, I know someone whose bird got stuck in one and died because the owner was not paying attention and the bird could not free itself and I am assuming died because the breathing was restricted because of the tightness of the tube around it. You can just put a slit in it across the length of it so if she crawls in it it would expand, if it is flexible.
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I love those baby faces :love:, I agree that she looks like there is some violet there. Someone really did a chop job on the wings :( but at least they will not be that way forever.
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