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I have a 9 week old hand fed budgie who is very tame. However doesn't play with any toys nor eat the fresh food. He occasionally chirps but mainly just sits in cage. I take him out on my finger twice a day and he sits there, but is always happy to go back in cage. i'm concerned he is so inactive. Please Help!

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How long have you had him? Is he eating anything? In other words do you see evidence of pellet dust or seed hulls? If you aren't seeing any evidence try hanging a bit of millet where he is sitting. Every new bird I have brought home usually has to be tempted with millet at first to eat. Usually that kicks starts their appetite and they will go hunting for food on their own after they finish off the millet.

Budgies are prey animals and sitting still and being quiet is an instinctive reaction when they are stressed ie moving into a new environment. More then likely your little fellow is just stressed.

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Hello and :welcome: to the forums!

Congratulations on your new friend :)

It's important to remember that even if you budgie is handfed, he is going to be stressed and scared in a new environment for two weeks or more. Even with budgies that were handfed/raised, they take time to settle into their new home ;)

It's advisable that you don't touch him until after this time, and use this two-three week period of time to let him settle in, get to know him, and let him be comfortable with you. Then, you can start to get him out on your finger and such. As he gets more comfortable, he will play with his toys and explore new foods.

Good luck with your new boy and I hope to see pictures of him soon :p

It's great to have you with us and if you have any questions, please ask as we'd love to help :wave:

Hope to see you around!

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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

Star has given you very good advice. :thumbsup:

Sitting next to your budgie's cage and reading, singing or talking to him for a period of 10-15 minutes three or four times a day will help him learn to trust you. Moving to a new environment is very stressful for a little budgie and he does need time to settle in even though he is hand-tamed.

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