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Hi 😊 we are new to having budgies have two beautiful budgies named Blue and Tiger. We have their seed and they are eating but have researched what else they should eat like carrots, cucumber ext. But my budgies won't have a bar of it, I'm worried they may not be getting any nutrients. I have put in carrots, cucumber so far with no avail, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ❤🐦 thank you

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Hi, Welcome to Talk Budgies!

The purpose of this forum is to promote the BEST PRACTICES in the care of budgies for their optimal Health and Well-Being

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It can take several weeks (or even months) for budgies to decide to try a new food.
Fruit is high in sugar content so vegetables are actually healthier for your budgies with fruits given only occasionally (once or twice a week)

You will find many different tips with regard to presenting vegetables and encouraging your budgies to try new foods in the Diet and Nutrition section of the forum.
The first vegetable which my budgies that had not been weaned to vegetables tried (and loved) was sweet corn kernels sprinkled with a teeny bit of garlic powder (NOT salt).

Budgies seem to love "spicy" tastes.
They also adored fresh basil, cilantro, dill, chickweed, zucchini and red pepper.

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When I transitioned mine away from straight seed I used birdie bread. In the beginning it was extra heavy on the seed but it was a great introduction and bridge to healthier foods. I also had to sprinkle seed on their chop to get them to start eating that.

There are lots of recipes out there to try, once your get the base down you can make it all sorts of different ways.

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Hi there and welcome to the forums!!

I’m so glad you’ve found the forums helpful so far. 👍🏻

It’s great to have you on the forums as you couldn’t have come to a better place to learn even more about the best of budgie care practices!

Please be sure to read through the links provided above as they’ll help you to stay updated on everything! If you have any questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we’d love to help.

Cheers! 👋
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