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Hi! I'm new here and I have 6 budgies kept in 2 flocks. The upstairs ,or hooligans consists of buzz (f) sunshine (f) both adopted,bc (m) and little hop (m). Hop missing 2 toes on one foot hence the name they are called hooligans as they destroy the wallpaper,they have plenty of toys they just enjoy annoying me. None of this group is hand tame or will tolerate much handling,which I respect.

The second flock is the reason I am here. Waddlesworth (f-i think) and aggy again a possible female. Waddlesworth is an aviary chick who had multiple injuries when she came to me 2 weeks ago. One wing had been broken and healed incorrectly,she can still fly bit can't extend her wing fully. She has 2 not fully functioning legs. One is contracted up and cannot bend,but she can still use her toes,it was a bad break that by the time she reached me there was nothing that could be done other than pain meds and monitor. Her other leg appears to have nerve damage as she doesn't perch well on it and tends to lie down-alot which scares my sister. Agatha or aggy is additional needs to she has what I would call a club foot her right foot turns inwards and sideways never flat,she also had splay legs which are improving daily. They are kept seperate from the hooligans as the hooligans play rough and I worry they will hurt Waddlesworth or aggy.

I am an additional needs care giver and have a very good avian vet near by.

We also have 2 canaries TC and Noel aka Mr and Mrs floof .
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