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Next year changes

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We will be having a few changes in our lifestyle and place of living next year which will allow me to add a bird to my household if my husband approves. (this is all just an idea and still needs a great deal of thought).
I have two cockatiels (Candy and Tony), and I kind of got interested in parrotlets. I wonder if it's a good idea to add a parrotlet??
Or maybe another cockatiel?
Or nothing, lol.
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Well, it seems like I am losing my rodents fast :( and I only have three left. Twinkie is getting pretty old and I am afraid I will lose her soon too.
So, I feel like I need someone to fill in the holes...:eek:
Kassy, thanks for the article on parrotlets. I am not so sure anymore that a parrotlet would be a good choice. Anyone?
Ok, now you all confused me, lol!
They don't have any English budgies right now, Randy. That thought did cross my mind:D I cannot go to Ohio because the family is meeting in Arizona this Christmas, lol.
Another cockatiel would be a safe choice, but I kind of wanted to try something else...
Randy, this is all your fault... Now I am on a quest for an English budgie :laughing:
The bird store (which sells excellent birds and is super clean and one of my favorite places on Earth:D) don't have any English guys right now, but they do know a breeder. They may be able to check if there is anything available.
I think I am going to pass on parrotlets. From what I have read, they seem to be awfully aggressive and I don't want Candy and Tony to fear for their lives, LOL.
Ok, I feel like I am talking to myself here :laughing:
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Well, it doesn't help that my husband said "Well, it's your call". :eek: Now I have the official permission to get in trouble, lol
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Well, ok. Just heard back from the bird store guy. He talked to the breeder who is bringing 10 English guys to the store on Wednesday:eek:
Now what??
Oh dear... I am in trouble... :scare:
Haha, funny stuff, Rick!
In fact, things just went a totally different direction tonight.
To cut the story short, my husband was worried that an English budgie will be way too noisy in our, now, calm and quiet household with two cockatiels. He said that the budgie may annoy Candy and Tony and then we will have chaos:rolleyes:
Sooooo. Off we went to my favorite bird store to pick up another cockatiel. I was debating a baby or a two-year old beautiful cinnamon girl. Well... I talked to the owner and she said I SHOULD NOT get another cockatiel. She says another one, especially a baby, would totally disturb the harmony and would make Candy and Tony very likely unhappy.:( She gave me a priceless advice - do not disturb the good situation you have.
So, I left with a bag of pellets, tail in between my legs, but deep inside I knew she was right.
I guess no new additions for me. :crying2::pout:
So, much ado about nothing...
Think logically though, you are going away for Christmas so do you really want to bring a new addition home before you leave for vacation? It might be a better idea to wait until the New Year to choose a new bub :rolleyes: just being the voice of reason! (even though I'm extremely impulsive and illogical most of the time!)
Yes, thanks for the voice of reason Jill. We actually have a pet sitter staying in our apartment for the holidays, so it would not have been a big issue. However, like I said in my post a second ago, I was advised not to get a new bird.
A parrotlet is definitely out of question due to all the territorial stuff I hear about them. An English budgie is not to my hubby's liking due to noise, a cockatiel would likely create unhappiness and chaos between Candy and Tony, and any other birds I am not really interested in.
So, there, the story is over...:(
That's what I thought, Rick. But my husband is not so fond of budgies, so I wasn't going to push it.
Awww. Poor Dee! Maybe someday...
Thanks Kassy for all your support :)
Sound's like the hubby is still a little shell shocked from the budgie noise you had with 4 in the house....:D
Must be,lol
By the way, Randy, I was going to name my English guy after you :laughing:
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