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Just wondering what sort of nicknames your budgies and parrots have (or am I the only one that has a special lingo for mine:p) ?

Oisin was often called;
Little sweets
Little wee

Noah's is often called;
Chicky or Chicky Chicks
Chicken Licken
Yellow bird
Little rascal

I have full on conversations in high pitched bird language lol - I guess I'm the crazy bird lady :D
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How true is this ! Budget gets called Little green man Rat bag,
Baby Boy, Baby, Cheeky boy. And many others I don't know if he would actually answer to his name now.;)
Fifo gets called Chatter Box because he never stops talking budgie talk! I lso call him Bossy as he bosses Budget around if he can.
Blue who's name is actually Lapis gets called Blue B52 because of the way he used to fly, he sort of struggled to take off, and made a lot of noise when flying.
My sweet boy Haze who is no longer with us used to get called Gentleman because he was so dignified and reserved. :budgie:
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