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Just wondering what sort of nicknames your budgies and parrots have (or am I the only one that has a special lingo for mine:p) ?

Oisin was often called;
Little sweets
Little wee

Noah's is often called;
Chicky or Chicky Chicks
Chicken Licken
Yellow bird
Little rascal

I have full on conversations in high pitched bird language lol - I guess I'm the crazy bird lady :D
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Bellatrix gets called Bella, Belle, Bells, Bella-Boo, and sometimes Trixie or Bellatrixie. Dobby gets called Dobbyster, Dobbykinz, Dobbydoo, and Handsome. I also refer to both of the budgies as "The Budgaboos". :D

Peatree gets call Pea, Peachaburra, Peach, Baby-Girl, ReeRee, Peachareeree. Honey gets called Honey-Bun, Honey-Buns, Honey-Bunny, Honey-Bells. Presley/Precious gets called Pressie and Press.

Grey Bird (Greyson) gets called Grey, Bird, Birrrrrrd, Handsome, Shmoo-bear, and Bat Bird. Jester Bean gets called Jess, Jesse, J, JJ, Bean, Mr Bean, Shmoopy, Shmoops, Handsome, and Boobear.

I'm sure there are other nicknames for all of them. :D
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