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Just wondering what sort of nicknames your budgies and parrots have (or am I the only one that has a special lingo for mine:p) ?

Oisin was often called;
Little sweets
Little wee

Noah's is often called;
Chicky or Chicky Chicks
Chicken Licken
Yellow bird
Little rascal

I have full on conversations in high pitched bird language lol - I guess I'm the crazy bird lady :D
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We call Kosh 'Fluff' or 'Fluffball' since he has the tendency to fluff up into this really soft, cute ball of feathers when he's happy and getting plenty of attention. If he's getting demanding (Kosh? Demanding? Never! *cough*), he's referred to as simply 'The Ambassador'.

We're still learning about Lyta, so we haven't discovered a good nickname for her yet. :)
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