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Just wondering what sort of nicknames your budgies and parrots have (or am I the only one that has a special lingo for mine:p) ?

Oisin was often called;
Little sweets
Little wee

Noah's is often called;
Chicky or Chicky Chicks
Chicken Licken
Yellow bird
Little rascal

I have full on conversations in high pitched bird language lol - I guess I'm the crazy bird lady :D
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Elsa: Little Queen, Else, Pretty Girl, Cranky Butt, Fluffy Dino
Gilbert: Fluffy Dino (he loves this one), Silly Boy, Baby Boy, Gil
Lily: Cranky Lady, Big Boof, Pretty Girl, Bootiful
Bucky: Buck, Leftie (when his left ear is flipped back), Goober (when his right ear is flipped back), Batman (when both ears are flipped back), Little Man, Big Baby
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