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Budgie of the Month
October 2017


Read These Rules Before Entering
BOTM Rules and Regulations - Talk Budgies Forums

We hope you'll take the time to enter
YOUR budgie

ALL Talk Budgies Members are welcome to enter

Only ONE photo per member is allowed
Please Post your photo in this thread
Be sure to include your
Suggestion for an Upcoming BOTM Challenge

To enter, be SURE you choose a picture of your budgie that complies with the month's challenge
If you do not follow all the Rules of the Contest, your entry will be disqualified

If you do not vote when the Voting Thread is Posted after the Contest Ends, your entry will be disqualified

Note that NO THUMBNAIL ATTACHMENTS will be accepted
Your picture MUST be added through a Photo-Sharing Service such as Imgur

Your photo must be Full-Sized, clear and in-focus to be considered a valid entry

This thread is for Entries Only

Entry Deadline is Thursday, October 26, 5:00 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time

Please do not post questions or comments in this thread

If you have questions, direct them via Private Message to FaeryBee

The Challenge is now Open for Entries!

Good Luck EveryBudgie!

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Not open for further replies.