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I am changing your thread into an "On-going" thread and changing the title.
Please ask all questions you may have regarding your new budgie in THIS thread rather than starting multiple threads for every question you think of. Additionally, please read all the stickies and budgie articles prior to posting.
Most questions have already been answered in the stickies and articles.

PLEASE slow down with regard to your taming and bonding desires.

Although your budgie is from a breeder, it still needs time to settle into its new environment.

Budgies need a minimum of two weeks to settle into their new home and you should not be trying to touch or tame them at this time. They are often submissive initially because they are terrified.

You can cover the top and three sides of the cage to help them feel more secure. Play music or the TV for them when you are not around during the day.

Taming and Bonding is all about helping your budgie learn to trust you and it takes a great deal of time and patience on your part.
You should never grab your budgie or force him to be touched.
To bond with your budgie, you need to build his trust in you.
He will have to learn over time that you will not hurt him, grab him and try to force him to allow you to hold him.

To build your budgie’s trust, sit by his cage and read, talk or sing quietly to him for a period of at least 10-15 minutes, 3 or 4 times day. After about a week, rest your hand on the outside of the cage when you talk to him so he will learn that your hand is safe and will not hurt him.

After a week of resting your hand on the outside of the cage, rest your hand inside the cage when you talk to him.

Don’t make sudden moves, don’t try to touch him.
Let him get used to the idea that the hand is now in his safe place and not harming him.

After 2 weeks, begin moving your hand slowly toward your bird. If he becomes agitated, stop moving your hand and just hold very still until he calms down. When he is comfortable with your hand near him, you can offer them a bit of millet or a few seeds.

Always work at your bird’s pace.
Move slowly and talk reassuringly and calmly to him whenever you interact with him.

Most budgies once they pass the "baby" stage, do not like to be petted or touched.

If your budgie does like to be petted, you should only ever pet his head, neck or chest area.

Stroking a budgie's back and/or tail stimulates its breeding instinct,

Bonding means allowing your budgie to choose to be with you.

Before you post, please take the time to read through the Site Guidelines, the FAQs, the Budgie Articles and all of the Stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.
Truly, the very BEST advice anyone can offer you is to take the time to read ALL of the stickies throughout the various Talk Budgie forums as well as the Budgie Articles we have posted.
(Stickies are threads “stuck” at the top of each forum sub-section)
These are great resources for Talk Budgie members and have a wealth of reliable information which will assist you to learn the best practices in caring for your budgies for their optimal health and well-being.
Most questions have already been answered in the stickies and budgie articles.

I'm closing this thread. It is asking a very similar question to that of your other thread:
Taming an 8 week old budgie
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