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Opal being silly...

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Just a quick little video of Opal! :) She responds to my voice pretty well, but still not so sure of my hands, etc.

Also featuring an Interrupting Pepper, the cat!
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Opal is adorable! She looks quite comfortable, happy and at home with you ;) She's also so fluffy! Looks like a puffy white cloud :giggle:
I love Pepper, she's darling. Was she watching My Little Pony? :laughing: :dunno:
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what a cute bird!!!
I'm so glad you finally got her from Lindsey :)

When I was watching your video my birds started chirping because that's exactly how I talk to them :D
Opal is such a pretty little girl!
She looks like she's getting quite comfortable in her new home.
Thanks for sharing her video with us, Krystal. :)
What a sweet little girl! She is SO FLUFFY!

I guess Pepper got bored with MLP. :)
Opal is the sweetest little girl. So fluffy. Love her expressions. And pepper is a sweetheart, too. Cute video.
Aww Opal is such a pretty birdie and her feathers are just immaculate.:)
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Oh she is a cute fluffy little marshmallow LOL I am in love with her
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