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Our new dynamic

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Julio is officially the third wheel :giggle: I don't think he minds though! and love is in the air :D

[nomedia=""]Third Wheel - YouTube[/nomedia]
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I think Julio needs a Julia!!

haha poor little (or should that be.. big) Julio :laughing2:
I think Julio is always going to be happiest being a "people" bird, Jill.
Chippy's so strongly bonded to you that the Shrimp and Binx are just "background" noise to him. ;)

And little Shrimp and Binx look very happy together. :lovers:
He definitely enjoys being a bachelor :giggle: If I were to ever even think about getting another girl she would need her own cage! :p darn it :rolleyes: I wonder if he would be more attracted to an English girl...
only one way to find out Jill!!!! :XD:
:laughing: That is too cute :) Though it does look like Mr. Binx is trying a little too hard :giggle:
Shrimp is beautiful, and Julio looks like a nanny at a playground, watching two little rowdy toddlers, LOL
Very cute Jill. :) Julio isn't phased at all and looks quite content on your foot. Love your flock! :love:
I think Julio is always going to be happiest being a "people" bird, Jill.
I thought this with Ollie at first. But lately he's been spending
more time with the other birds than me! Give him time. He
may interact with them more later on. The two littlies look
absolutely adorable together! :D
He's looking down thinking, "those bloody Americans, don't they ever just sit still and relax?"
Well that is wonderful news. Shrimp has finally found someone who appciates her attentions. Binx must be in birdie heaven and Julio is back to being a Mama's boy :)
Aww, Binx is so sweet already feeding Shrimp! :)
Do we call the couple "Shrinx" or "Bimp"? :). Too cute..
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