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My kitchen ceiling was flooded over the weekend from my upstairs neighbor. They had to come take out my ceiling then replace texture and paint.
Luckily my son lives nearby so I was able to take Sweety to his place.

They should be done painting tomorrow. After that how long before it’s safe to bring Sweety home? I have an open studio apartment so there’s no where at my place I could put him that would keep the toxins away from him.
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If they did not use low VOC paint, and it's unlikely since you are in an apartment complex, then you need to keep Sweetie out of the house for a minimum of 6 days.
Airing the house out as much as possible as soon as they have finished painting it is crucial.
Then, bring the temperature back up to "normal" level before bringing Sweety back home.
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I'm glad everything has worked out for you!
I'm closing the thread at this time.
If you need it reopened, please Direct Message me.
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