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Pedro and Poppy's Honeymoon Pictures

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Pedro and Poppy decided to have their Honeymoon in Aruba

There's probably a place here near the lighthouse to get a cool drink of nice fresh water.

I think this looks like a good place to stop for a little snack of millet. You look like you need something to perk you up a little, Poppy!

Pedro, I love the Honeymoon Suite! Oooh, is that present on the setee for me?
I have one for you as well. It's in that prettily wrapped gold box at the end of the bed.

Pedro, I'll just sit here for a bit while you go get some drinks for us, OK?
Sure thing. I think this resort in Aruba was a great choice for our honeymoon.

Faster, faster, faster!! Wheeee!! Do you think I could drive next?

OK, Pedro - This is fun and all but I liked the jetski better. I never realized how much work sea kayaking would be.

Such a beautiful sunrise! (sigh)
Be careful darling, you don't want to get hit by a big wave.

Wow! I didn't realize the snorkeling would be so great here! Too bad that Poppy doesn't like getting her head feathers wet.

Mmmmmm, this feels like heaven.
There sure won't be any lingering soreness from that kayaking now. I'm getting very drowsy, I don't think I could ask for a better day.

The water is so soothing.
Maybe we should just relax on the raft and then the beach for the remainder of this afternoon?

I think I'm getting a little hungry now. How about you?

We're really picking up some speed now!
Pedro, why on earth would someone name a watercraft after a feline? Cats don't even like water.

These budgies seem to be excellent boaters.
Uh huh! Do you think we should look into getting a boat to keep over on the Chesapeke Bay after we get back home? I think boating might be a great way to spend some time with friends.

Hey everybirdie!! My new husband is a spectacular water skier!

Parasailing is much more my style than skiing. No effort on my part and loads of fun. Oh, look! I think I see a dolphin.

This honeymoon is all I could have ever hoped for an more.
Here's to the beginning of the rest of a wonderful life together!

A beautiful wedding, an over-the-top honeymoon and now back to our very own place for
"Happily Ever After"!

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Oh wow! What a spectacular honeymoon getaway - I am jealous-truly I am.
I love that parasailing shot of Poppy :)
Poppy and Pedro seem so happy on their honeymoon. Looks like they had tons of fun. I love their beachwear. Great job, Deb!
Oh my, they look like they are having so much fun. Enjoyed all the pictures. My boys couldn't make the wedding as they were bickering again ..... told them I would send them on a trip to the moon!! ha
HAHAHA, What an eventful and rather interesting honeymoon! I wish I had come to! It looked amazing and super duper fun! :D
It looks like Pedro and Poppy had a wonderful stay. I have always wanted to visit Aruba.

I especially like the photos of Pedro water skiing and of Poppy Parasailing. They looked like they were having lots of fun in the sun.
That was one fun storybook. What a revitalizing honeymoon. I can't even pick a favorite pic they are all so fun and funny to boot. The last picture is so precious. I hope they live happily ever after now, those are the best kinds of endings. FaeryBee you are quite the entertainer. I wish I had just the talent you seem to have in your little finger. I will just have a look at this if I'm getting bored waiting for my new cage to be delivered and I am sure I will feel totally relaxed. Congradulations to the new couple again, may you live happily ever after, for sure. :)
Too cute! And yes, I am a little jealous too :giggle: Looks like a wonderful place to visit.
Deb - You sure know how to "do up" a honeymoon - Wow! What fun! Your little lovebirdies are Totally Spoiled! Do you think they will Ever be able to go back to "Real Life" after all This?!?...
Really Great Job on the planning and execution of this whole event - beautiful work (and Lots of it!!!) I think You need another vacation in Aruba, yourself!...
Awesome honeymoon story, thanks Deb.
Thank you, everyone!! :wave:

I love the pics! Amazing honeymoon - the last picture was just darling.
Thank you!

For the honeymoon itself, I think Poppy's Spa Day may be my favorite -- or, maybe I'm just wishing for a spa day myself! :laughing:

I think the "Happily Ever After" Photo is one that I'll always love.

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Congratulations again to the new couple, and thank you for sharing their honeymoon pics. It looked like the perfect wedding
(nicer than many people weddings I've been dragged too), and followed by the perfect honeymoon, though I did have to laugh at dignified Pedro in the Hawaiian shirt! Poppy was lovely, as always, and really seemed at home parasailing.

We wish them all the best as they begin their happily ever after :)
Oh my goodness, what AWESOME photos!! :) Such a wonderful honeymoon :D
Thank you!

For the honeymoon itself, I think Poppy's Spa Day may be my favorite -- or, maybe I'm just wishing for a spa day myself! :laughing:

I think the "Happily Ever After" Photo is one that I'll always love.

I just KNEW that Spa picture was your favorite :laughing: - And just Why it was,too! ;) You truly Need And Deserve a spa treatment like that one, after all the labor you have put into this wedding. :cup: You Go, Girl!!! :whoo: :jumping: :clap:
SO cute <3 I wuv it! I wish I was allowed to give you karma for it haha
What a lovely honeymoon!
I agree the spa picture is my favourite too!

It must have taken you ages to compile all of this :)

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