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Pedro and Poppy's Wedding and Honeymoon Threads

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I've had a few people ask me how to locate the Pedro and Poppy's Wedding and Honeymoon threads recently.

There are several ways you can find them.
1. Go to "Celebrations" and scroll through the threads in the forum.
2. Go to my profile and look under "statistics" at "all threads created by FaeryBee"
3. Look at this thread where I've posted all the thread links for you. :laughing1:


Wedding Invitation

Poppy spots the plane

Baby Birdies just want to have FUN!

Pedro and his Buds - Fun Events for the Weekend

Poppy's Bridal Shower

Guests arriving for the Wedding

Wedding Guests Sign-In

Wedding Rehearsal Day

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

Honeymoon Pictures
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:woot: Look like the flock had fun! :D Congrats to Poppy and Pedro :congrats:

Too bad Aqua and Creampuff couldn't take part......:(
How is the happy couple doing these day? All settled in to married life I suppose. :)

Rosie is still talking about it. :call1: Calling all her girlie friends. :call2:
Hi, Rosie!

I'm really glad you had fun at the wedding!
How are you and Nicky doing? Did you have a good Memorial Day?

I'm so excited about The Bird Show! I've been looking at all the members' entries.
Wow! there sure were a lot of them.

I think Miss Louara did a wonderful job with the planning and announcement of this event.
I saw your picture in the Best American/Pet Budgie (Staff) category. You sure do look pretty!!

Married life has been fine. Pedro and I are doing very well.
We have a new Coconut Tiki Hut in our cage and lots of new toys in our out-of-cage play area.
Momma said she's ordered two new grapevine perches (one is top-mounting) for our cage but they haven't arrived yet. Hopefully, they'll be here this week.

Take care of yourself and tell Nicky that Pedro and I (yeah guys, all-right!)
and the Sunshine Boys and Sparky all say "Hi"!

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I enjoyed reading everything:) to bad the agents and blu's little sweetheart werent able to attend,we will make up for it at blu and tiger's wedding;)
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