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Peeko the Talking Parakeet: No Soup for You!

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[nomedia=""]Peeko the Talking Parakeet: No Soup for You! - YouTube[/nomedia]

"No Soup for You" is apparently one of his new favorite phrases. :)
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Haha, thank you =) He's always saying "P" throughout the day. If he says it once, you can say it back to him and then it just goes back and forth with "P"s. :D
Yup, we've had him since last August. :)
Thank you! He's quite the budgie. :)
Haha thank you! I noticed you left a comment on the video also, thanks!
Hi! Can I ask what program you use to put the subtitles on your video? My only video camera is my phone and I've looked at a few apps but none so far have looked easy to use (hard to place the subtitle at the right point...) If you can give me any suggestions I would be very very grateful!
Pinko is bilingual and definitely needs subtitles :D

I loved the video :) He is so cute! I love it when they run around talking :D They get so excited!

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Haha thanks; do you have a Windows PC? If so, try checking for a program called Windows Movie Maker. It's a very basic but useful editor and is free; if it's not already installed on your PC then I'm sure you can download it somewhere. =)
You're welcome, glad I helped ;)
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