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Peeling cere... mites or ovulation?

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Hi there,

My 1 year old American Budgie Cardi has been seen with a peeling cere and I googled the causes and I found out that it could be mites or that she's ovulating... I brought both my budgies to the vet 2 months ago and the vet said that Cardi has mites and I've given them the proper treatment and medications. The next dosage is in March. However, Cardi has now been seen with a peeling cere and I'm not sure if its the same mites issue or that she is in ovulation.

What does this look like?
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She does not have mites.
I believe she simply coming into condition.
How is her cere looking at this time?
Her cere looks much better now. Thank you!
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It looks to me like she cere hypertrophy, which is a build up of keratin on the cere caused by hormones. The build up is not dangerous unless it gets so bad that it begins to block the nares, an avian vet can easily remove the tissue.
That’s good news! Thank you :)
She's so cute! Glad to see she's doing well. I agree she may have a slight buildup of cere tissue but it's completely normal for females in condition and in her case it's not that noticeable at all.

What a sweet girl :)
Thank you <3
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