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Peep and her new wind-up toy

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She loves new toys, especially this one. Watch her play with it.
[nomedia=""]Cute Budgie Playing with Mcdonald's Toy - YouTube[/nomedia]
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Peepy is adorable. :love:

I'm concerned about Peppy getting hit in the face (especially her eyes :eek:) with how fast that toy's arms spin though.
I'd really hate to hear your adorable little Peepy was injured playing with her new toy...
Your Peep really loves that toy and she's smart enough to not go near when the arms are spinning fast!
Oh, and maybe you should start to say "good girl", looking at the white cere, it's pretty clear you have a lovely and very playful little budgie girl. ;)

By the way, the MacDonald's toys are a hit among my flock too and so are the toys that come from the cereal boxes. :) My lovebird Khaleesi is quite the fan of these toys, but I don't have wind-up ones that spin.
:)That is so darn cute. And the bird keeps coming back for more.
Very cute. Peepy is so tame. It's clear, you love your bird very much.
LOL, she's like a little doggy with that toy. Very cool! :D
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