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The Talk Budgies Forum and staff is committed to one goal:
Promoting what we consider to be the "Best" Practices in budgie care for the birds' optimum health and well-being.

Supporting that goal is the underlying tenant of the postings from the staff and the majority of our regularly active members of the forum.

The advice offered by the Talk Budgies staff is based on recommended practices by Avian Veterinarians, reputable and ethical breeders and knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience.
We reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that do not conform to the standards which we promote.

When posting on a forum, members must always keep in mind their words are being read not only by the person to whom they may be responding, but also by hundreds of other members and guests throughout the world.

The staff is working hard on a daily basis to make this forum the best resource we can for those who are seeking what we consider to be the Best Practices for the care of budgies.

Not all members are going to agree with these recommendations.
Not all people are going to follow the advice given.

If any member does not agree with the advice given and/or does not wish to follow it, we certainly cannot force them to do so.
However, we request members not make little of the advice given by our staff on the public forums

We hope this gives everyone visiting Talk Budgies a better perspective with regard to the postings and advice offered on the forums.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.