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Pic of Pix

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I have a new friend for my current lonely budgie, a baby boy? named Pix.

I have no idea what gender he? actually is though - please help!

Anyone got any ideas?
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Hi there,

Pix is so cute! Honestly I think she's going to turn out to be a girl. The cere is very matte-looking and flattish with pale blue around the nostrils. However, it's really hard to tell with just one photo, especially as s/he is still so young. Do you have any other photos of them?
Could you please post additional pictures of the cere?
I have also noticed that he blinks slowly and a lot, coupled with a decent number of yawns.
He is also clumsy at climbing and not very good at flying, quite slow to get to where he wants to go.
I did not notice this at the breeders. He gets 12 hours of dark time with a covered cage. I have attached the video at the bottom.

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Pix blinking
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Aha! This is a great example of how photos in natural lighting can look so different. I can see that the paleness on his cere appears to be just dryness, and he does look like a boy now.

I'd say he's a boy! He's so cute. He also seems really, really young. That could be why he's not the best at climbing and balancing yet. How old did the breeder say he was? Also, does he seem active?
The breeder said he was 3 months old, but I feel like he's a little younger than that with his black beak and all. He is quite active in trying to get out his quarantine cage, but once he's out, he sort of just perches in one place. He also doesn't really seem food motivated much and will eat infrequently, although he is a healthy weight.
Pix is an adorable little boy and looks to be about 12 weeks old.
It is going to take him awhile to settle in and be comfortable.
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