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Picogram, 8m old male
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I finally got to take Pico for a check up!

He's at a healthy 39gr, the vet (saddy an exotic and not avian vet as there's none in town,) said he looks very strong.

He judged him to be around 8 months old, confirmed he's a male, his poop came all clean, all good!

He ordered some vet grade miracle powder and prescribed me a triple antibiotic for to keep in Pico's first aid kit. I'll get both next week.

I'm also relieved that we got to remove the annoying breeder ring on his leg, I could tell it bothered him, and gave his nails a little trim and the vet taught me how to safely hold Pico if I need to administer care for any reason. Huge relief, as I had no idea how to and was really scared of doing so.

All in all I'm rambling, Pico's healthy, here's him being grumpy in his travel bag and my wip first aid kit.

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