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Hello all
I would just love to know what "pattern" my birds are.
Im not sure which word it is you use... But I would loveeee
to know if my birds are opaline, lacewing, spangle ect ect.
I just have no idea.


I know budgies are only ment to be bred after the 1yr mark.. But I was
wondering what signs they will show if they are ready to mate & would
like a nest. :) Im not sure really how they act, or if they have some
kind of mating dance. Thankyou all in advance. :)

Artek (Male)8 weeks, Abigail (female)9 wks & Gracie (Female) 24 wks




P.s The pic shows 1 wing cut, Both are cut now.
save them from getting into danger with wings cut.:budgie:


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the word your looking for is 'Mutation' ;)

Artek looks to ba a yellow face type 1 grey wing violet

Gracie looks to be a dominant pied sky blue, not sure what the colour of her markings are could i get a better pic opf her..she could be grey wing and opaline but not sure:S

Abigail looks to be a yellow face type 1 dominant pied opaline spangle.

some one correct me if im wrong

they do have a mating dance!

you will know when they are ready to breed as their ceres will go;

dark brown and crusty for a female
dark blue for male

and the male will run back and forth to the female with hs head bobbing and start to feed her and will put one leg on her back..eventually mounting her, this involves a lot of cheeping.

they are all beautifu:D

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Artek is a yellow face type 1 sky blue grey wing male

Gracie looks like a sky blue dominant pied grey wing possibly opaline female.

Abigail is a yellow face type 1 cobalt dominant pied spangle opaline. I'm not sure what sex Abigail is.

When females come into breeding condition their ceres get brown and crusty. They chew cuddle bones, paper and wood more often. Males become more active. They start to run towards and away from the female, often bobbing their heads. (mating dance) They also start to sing to the female much more.

When the female is ready to lay her eggs she will like a nest box to protect her eggs. Most budgies don't like shavings in their nests so I wouldn't waist the money on nesting material. The female will stat to spend most of her time in the nest. She might even chirp for food so the male will feed her. A couple days before laying her first egg the female's poop will increase by about four times the normal amount.

If you are thinking about breeding your birds there is much more to learn. I would search the Internet and do your research before thinking of breeding. There is a lot more that goes into breeding than putting two birds in a cage. Good luck.

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Artek is a yellow face full body greywing either cobalt or violet sky blue

Gracie is a dominant pied greywing sky blue

Abigail is a yellow face opaline spangle dominant pied cobalt

The yellow face birds are too young to be sure whether their yellow face type is 1 or 2. If the yellow spreads into the body colour, causing it to look greenish, after they have moulted the yellow face type will be 2. If there no spreading effect they are type 1

Before attempting to breed your budgies you should read the information in the “sticky” threads in the breeding section on this forum
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