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Quality Seed Mix

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Quality Seed Mix

A fresh healthy seed mix is a basic component of a budgie's diet.
For optimum health, a variety of vegetables, fruit and pellets are important.

Ensure the seed mix and overall diet is not too high in protein.
A basic diet should be provided to budgies not being bred.
Increased protein and calcium levels are appropriate for budgies being conditioned for or currently breeding.

In the wild, budgies are opportunistic breeders and come into breeding condition as food becomes plentiful.
In captivity, when budgies are provided high quality diets high in protein they may remain in breeding condition year.
Prolonged breeding condition will over-stress the reproductive organs and contribute to health problems including testicular cancer.

Commercially Prepared Seed Mix

Some areas have access to good commercially prepared seed mixes such as Avigrain Green

Avigrain Green
Estimated Ratio/Type Seed

20% Canary Seed
20% White French
15% Japanese Millet
10% Panorama Millet
10% Panicum Millet
10% Shirohie Millet
10% Red Panicum Millet
5% Hulled oats

Seed quantities may be adjusted if Oats are not included.

Dr. Harvey's and Volkmans are good quality commercially prepared seed mixes available on-line through Amazon.

Many of the commercially prepared seed mixes available on line or through pet stores contain chemical additives, too much filler and/or are not fresh.

Commercially prepared seed mix or bulk seed which does not sprout well may not be fresh or may have been treated to prevent sprouting.

Some countries treat imported seed to prevent sprouting as a means of prohibiting possible insect infestation and/or plant disease.

Homemade Seed Mix

Bulk seed may be obtained through seed/feed stores, farm-supply stores and/or on-line suppliers.

Groups may buy in bulk and divide the products when quantities available are too great for individual use.

Various organic and/or whole food stores may stock individual seed types in 1 lb quantities.

The use of organic products can aid in preventing unwanted exposure to chemicals.

Seed used for the mix should sprout easily; sprouting increases the nutritional value.

For a quality seed mix, the basic seeds should be used in higher quantities than special finch seeds.

Seed can be frozen in airtight/moisture resistant containers for a couple of days to ensure any larvae in the seed are killed.

Homemade Seed Mix
Ratios/Seed Type

40% Canary Seed
20% White Millet Seed
20% Red Millet Seed
10% Oat Groats
5% Flax Seed
5% mix of Niger, chia, hemp, safflower seeds

Percentages can be altered as long as the bulk of the seed focuses on the standard seeds in the mix.

Metric Measurements
1kg = 1000gm

40% = 400gm,
10% = 100gm
5% = 50gm

400 gm Canary Seed
200 gm White Millet
200 grm Red Millet
100 grm Oat Groats
50 grm Flax Seed
50 grm Mix of Niger, chia, hemp, safflower
Total 1000 gram

US Customary Measurement System

For 10 cups Seed Mix

40% = 4 cups
20% = 2 cups
10% = 1 cup
5% = ½ cup

4 cups canary seed
2 cups white millet
2 cups red millet
1 cup oat groats
½ cup flax seed
½ cup Mix of Anise, niger, pearl millet chia, hemp, safflower

Seed Storage

Seed Storage should be in containers that are Rodent Proof and Water Proof.

Large quantities of seed may be stored in large heavy duty plastic or stainless steel bins.

When freezing seed ensure an airtight, moisture resistant container is used.
Moisture will cause seed to become moldy

Seed can be stored for quite long periods of time without losing nutritional value.

Deterring Pests

Small Containers - Add Bay leaves to the seed mix

Large Containers - place eucalyptus oil on cotton batting (aka cotton wool or cotton wadding)
secure in nylon net or a knee high nylon stocking and
tape to the inside of the storage container lid
Replenish the oil periodically as needed.

Freezing seed in airtight, moisture resistant containers will also kill weevils, larvae and moths.
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