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Reading Budgie Signs

One of the most interesting things about having budgies is discovering their unique personalities and different moods.

I remember when I first got my budgies, I had no idea how to tell whether they were happy, scared, tired, etc. I really wanted to know what they were feeling.

As you spend more time with your budgies and observe them, you eventually learn how to interpret different signs to know how they are feeling.

A budgie that has its feathers pressed close to its body and eyes wide open, may be frightened.

Head tucked into it's back feathers, it is time to sleep.

Head feathers puffed up and is hopping around chattering, it is just happy and having fun making noise. :)

Fluffed up and looking plump, it is relaxed or sleepy.

Do not confuse this with a sick budgie.
A sick budgie is usually fluffed but but also has a droopy, sometimes bobbing tail.

Lifting wings (without spreading them, just tilting the front away from the body) or has the feathers right above the cere lifted is over heated.

When a budgie puffs up only the feathers on the back of its head, making a sort of square shaped head, it is angry or perturbed.

Another sign of anger is when budgies make that weird squealing noise at each other (often when they fight over a food or perch)

Eye-pinning, it is excited or focusing on an object presented to him/her. (eye-pinning is when the pupils go back and forth from big to small. (This may happen when you offer your budgie a stick of millet.)

Preening is something budgies do several times a dayto keep their feathers clean and tidy. :)

When two budgies preen one another, it is a sign of bonding.

When your budgie puffs his head feathers and looks at another budgie or an object straight in the eye, he's flirting!

When your budgie's feathers are tight to the body, and they stand straight up looking like a corn dog, they hear or see something interesting and they're paying attention!

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