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Red eyed budgie

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Hi all, I've posted this without pic not sure how to drive this site new to this so hopefully it will go well. This baby I have is now 17 days old I have been hand rearing since 5 days old dad killed the other two. Mum is dark blue dad is pied both dark eyes. No albino in Avery. Baby has red eyes little white feathers with light brown mottled colour, tail is now blue and black cheeks are dark coming through. Obviously this chick is a throw back but I thought albino birds were normally white and the other type yellow. Is this normal to have red eyed going coloured? I don't know how to post picture........
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Here are the instructions on how to post pictures:

Please post pictures of the chick.

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Hello and welcome to the forums,

You've been given the absolute best advice above. Please try and post a photo when you get a chance!

Meanwhile, please be sure to read through the links provided above to ensure you're up to date on everything. If you have any questions afterwards, please feel free to ask as we'd be happy to help.

Hope to see you around! 👋
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